Zombie Arms & Ammunition CCW Training Program




Initial Concealed Carry Weapons Training Course:


The Initial Concealed Carry Weapons Training Course offered by Zombie Arms & Ammunition is a comprehensive 12-hour course conducted over 2 consecutive days. The 2 Day Program is designed to meet the requirements for issuance of an Initial California Concealed Carry Weapons Permit (CCW) by the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office.


All students desiring an Initial California CCW from the Shasta/Tehama County Sherriff’s Office must complete the entire 2-day course and pass the Initial Shooting Test for all firearms desired on their CCW. Students may have a maximum of five firearms listed on their CCW.


In order to qualify for a CCW Permit in Shasta/Tehama County you must meet the following requirements;


  • Be of good moral character.

  • A full-time resident of Shasta/Tehama County.

  • Have valid identification.

  • Be at least 21 years of age.

  • Own and have a gun registered in California.

  • Not have any open criminal cases or pending citations.

  • Not have any felony convictions or specified misdemeanors. (Penal Code Sections 29900-29905)

  • Not have a history of mental illness, or be currently under treatment/counseling for mental or emotional problems.

  • Not be on active probation.

  • Not be a defendant/respondent named within and subject to a current temporary restraining order/protection order/order after hearing. (Family Code section 621; Code of Civil Procedure 527.6 and 527.8)

  • Existing CCW holders from another County or State must apply as 'NEW' applicants



The Initial CCW Course consists of 8 hours of classroom instruction on Day 1 followed by 4 hours of Hands on Range Instruction and Qualification on Day 2. The Shooting Qualification will consist of a 50 round Familiarization and Qualification Test for all firearms to be listed on the CCW.  Upon successful completion of the Classroom and Range Qualification Test, a Certificate of Training will be issued.

Course Goal

“To meet the training requirements for issuance of an Initial California Concealed Carry Weapons Permit (CCW) by the Shasta/Tehama County Sheriff's Office.”